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Bringing stories to life.

Kelly has been writing music since childhood.  Never truly a prodigy and forever a dreamer, Kelly's true nature is to dream and dream big.  Kelly met Emmy Nominated composer and producer Terry Sweet through a mutually creative client.  Terry and Kelly started an album race and Terry won, releasing his first Album, Listen To The Bars, for which Kelly and her daughter, Amelie had the pleasure of recording background vocals.    As Terry's album began soaring to the charts, Terry and Kelly completed two years of sessions at East Iris and Sound Emporium in Nashville.  A thrill of a lifetime for Kelly has been hearing her music played by the legendary musicians, Dennis Holt, Drums, John Conley and Jerry Mac, guitar, Jimmy Lee Sloas and Christopher Donahue, Bass, Terry on Keys and engineered by the extraordinary Mills Logan. With recordings complete, the second race is set to begin in January 2023.  Creating beautiful things for the world, why not, the sky is the limit.


Creating Beautiful Art Together

Thirty years ago two young, naive teenagers met by chance in Marseille, France.  Their lives took some incredible and unthinkable turns until their paths crossed once again by chance.  Today, Sauveur Carlus   is an award winning (Grand prix Festival d'Antony and 1er prix Festival de Puteaux ) artist and graphic designer, who also shares Kelly's passion for creating music. 

Freight Train, is their debut work together and they couldn't be more excited for its upcoming release.  Stay tuned, this is just the beginning of an amazing story with more unique, original works to come!

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